30 August 2011

Compliance to standards

Today there is almost no industry not being penetrated by standards and regulations such as IEC 61508 and its derived standards for the different industries.

Those standards are typically provided in PDF format and contain often hundreds of pages from which only a certain subset might be relevant for a specific project. For another project a different subset of the standard might be relevant. So how to prove compliance efficiently with such a standard if there is no way to:

  • Trace the project requirements back to individual statements of the standard?
  • Check if all relevant statements from the standard are covered in the project requirements (how to identify quickly the relevant aspects contained in a huge PDF and whether they are already covered by the project?)?

Appropriate solutions by Visure Solutions may help here: first of all you would need to import the relevant part of the standard into a requirements management solution where each statement is its own referenceable unit. Of course this should be done in an automated way (who really likes to copy/paste thousands of sentences from a PDF to some other tool?). Then you can use the capabilities provided by such a tool to create relationships between individual statements of the standard and the requirements derived from them, proving compliance to the standard by using the numerous capabilities provided by requirements management solutions for analyzing traceability and coverage

But what if you need to see the details of a statement in the original PDF?

Just navigate there!

By: Andreas Plette

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